10 Superfoods You Can Add to Your Coffee To Increase Your Well Being

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The linked article below is a fantastic read for anyone that is health conscious, into their food supplements or just embarking on living a more natural way. We have all been exposed to the knowledge of supplements and how they can help our well being if we add them to our diet, whether it be to give us the natural boost, extra energy, help us detox or even improving our digestive system. Here this article uncovers 10 superfoods that work with our favourite drink here at DG HQ, of course Coffee.

It’s interesting to read how using organic cold pressed coconut oil acts as a natural sweetener and a healthier option than than sugar. Coconut Oil is a fatty brain food that is also anti-microbial so it works without hurting the good cells increasing energy, giving better nutrition absorption and also helps to burn fat adding weight loss. So add a tea spoon to your morning cup of Dancing Goat Coffee.


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