Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – Taking Traditional Espresso Coffee into a New Era

Recent years have seen an increase in the manufacturing quality of Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machines. Combined with a reduction in price as the technology has become more abundant, it has lead to a boom in sales of this convenient and fantastic technology.

With the development of Bean to Cup Coffee Machines has come the opportunity for certain outlets to serve better quality produce, when previously restricted to only provide instant or pour over filter coffee. This lead many an establishment lagging behind over other competitors who were able to keep  up with current coffee market trends.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in York.
Bianchi Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.

Bean to Cup machines priced around £1,500 give any outlet selling 25-50 cups per  day a cost effective access to keep and further develop hot drink sales. Putting  Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mochacino all on the menu, with a quality and speed of service unattainable from instant or filter coffee machines.

A Bean to Cup machine can be installed and set up to your specification so each operator is only required to simply push a button to produce each of the pre-programmed drinks. This latest generation machine offers outlets to expand income whilst not placing a heavy additional demand on staff, giving them time to serve customers and leave their hands free for other duties as a Bean to Cup machine takes all the manual labour away from serving coffee.


Bianchi Gaia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Ingredients

Dancing Goat Coffee can not only just supply you with a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine but we also stock all the necessary ingredients you will need for your new machine. Check out the links below.

Bean to Cup Machine – Granulated Milk

Bean to Cup Machine – Granulated Chocolate

Bean to Cup Machine – Whole Bean Coffee 

Coffee cost per cup analysis: Bean 2 cup vrs Cafetiere

Cafetiere (4-6 cup 26g of ground coffee) – cost per cup 11.5p approx Espresso is the best for value & in cup quality

Espresso (7g of espresso ground coffee) – Cost per cup 7p approx

*Serving espresso also offers the advantage of expanding the drink menu to include all espresso based drinks (Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Mocha)

Maintenance and Service

A common misconception on the fully automatic Bean to Cup Machine is one of high maintenance levels and potential high service costs. Whilst it is true that increased levels of technology can lead to increased service costs, Dancing Goats opinion is the operator can negate this possibility by selecting the equipment provider carefully, it is vital to ensure they have good knowledge & experience on the equipment supplied. The partnership between supplier and customer can be further strengthened by choosing a supplier who has a rounded approach to service, maintenance and ingredient supply. (If you’re supplier outsource’s the servicing of your Bean to Cup Machine you will pay though the nose, no matter how much coffee you buy from your supplier.

It is also important that the operator follows the cleaning guidelines for the equipment, a very simple cleaning regime can increase the machine lifetime, maintain in cup quality, and reduce running costs significantly. Saving you £££$$$€€€. Your equipment supplier should be able to offer you advice on cleaning & maintenance schedules together with some simple guides.

Here’s Dancing Goat’s step by step video guide on how to clean your Bean to Cup Machine [youtube][/youtube]