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There are many different options available when looking to invest in shiny new traditional espresso or bean to cup coffee machines. One option that comes up on nearly every sales enquiry is lease rental or lease purchase deals. Securing finance to purchase an asset for your business makes sense on a number of levels and can be especially helpful for managing cashflow, allowing you to make money from assets without having to fund the equipment in a one off purchase.

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Ease the cost of capital investment.

This is what our lease broker has to say about leasing:

In addition to the considerable tax savings, it is widely considered prudent to use asset finance when acquiring new equipment rather than tie up your own valuable working capital.

So by using asset finance:

·         you reduce the level of tax you pay

·         you preserve working capital.

When you consider these major benefits it is hard to find an argument not to use asset finance.

The process of securing asset finance is far easier and quicker than approaching your bank for a commercial loan or overdraft extension. A bank will take far longer to consider your application and may seek onerous security – a charge over property or debenture of business assets. With asset finance none of this is necessary: the equipment financed is the primary security. And of course if you use an asset finance provider for asset finance, you keep your banking facilities unaffected. So if you do need an overdraft extension, for example, your bank will most likely assist.

And on the practical level: if you intend to use a piece of equipment for five years, why would you pay for it on day 1 in full rather than – with asset finance – over the length of time you plan to use it?”

Dancing Goat Coffee would be happy to quote lease rental & lease purchase deals for any of the equipment listed below.

Please <Contact us> if you wish to receive a quote.

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Traditional espresso machine

Bianchi Sofia 2 and 3 group traditional espresso coffee machines are perfectly suited to cafe, restaurant and hotel environments.

Two group model: Dimensions, Height 470 mm, Width 747 mm, Depth 530 mm, Weight 70 kg

Electrical supply 230/400 vac – 50 hz

Power supply 3,2 kw

Specification: 12 litre boiler, optional display with drink and water litre counter  to closely monitor consumption.

Three group model:Dimensions, Height 470mm, Width 990mm, Depth 530mm, Weight 80 kg

Electrical supply 230/400 vac – 50 hz

Power supply 4,2 kw

Specification: 21 litre boiler, optional display with drink and water litre counter  to closely monitor consumption.

Buy a automatic bean to cup coffee machine
Bean to cup coffee machine


Bianchi Bean to cup espresso machines are ideally suited to outlets with space restrictions requiring a machine with a small footprint without compromise on drink quality from as little as £60 per month subject to status.

Eight individually programmable push buttons, patented coffee group featuring “grind-on-demand” and “pre-infusion” for the highest in cup quality. A large cup dispense area (170mm) allows for taller take-out cups and smaller espresso cups with pivot down cup tray.

1 kg coffee bean hopper together with 1kg chocolate & 0.6kg milk canisters. 1litre waste drip tray with indicator and 60 pod capacity coffee waste bin.

Specification: Height 650 mm, Width 310 mm, Depth 450 mm, Weight 22 kg

Electrical supply: 230 Vac – 50 Hz / 120 Vac – 60 Hz

Internal electrical supply: All the electrical components are supplied at 24 Vdc, with the exception of the boiler resistance which is at 230 Vac – 50 Hz,

Power : 1500W espresso version.

Additional boiler: 1000W – 180cc for high performances (long beverages).

Water supply: Fitting connection = 3/8’’