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Towards the middle of last year Dancing goat coffee introduced a certified 100% Arabica organic blend into our range. The introduction was driven by a customer who wished to move all their ingredient supply to organic certified produce. At the time our experience was close to non-existent regarding organic coffee and setting the profile for customers on their equipment, however moving towards the first anniversary we are so convinced I have been compelled to write a blog post on the subject!!

Firstly let’s start with a definition of “organic” produce and what makes something organic: a simple definition can be found on the soil association website “Our definition of organic food is food which is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods on organic farms. These methods are legally defined and any food sold as ‘organic’ must be strictly regulated.” http://www.soilassociation.org/Whatisorganic?gclid=CKKmlO2ayLgCFXHMtAodC1MAcg

This gives you the assurance that products carrying the certified organic stamp come from sources that are certified in a scheme that is protected by law.

Dancing goat’s organic coffee

The coffee: A blend of South American Arabica coffees roasted to give a clean, mellow taste towards the darker end of the roast.

The coffee comes packed as a roasted whole bean in 6x1kg cases aimed at the HORECA (commercial) market. With the further option to purchase the coffee in a retail friendly 250g ground package (the pre ground coarseness is for cafeteire / fliter preparation methods)

250g ground organic coffee
Organic Fairtrade ground coffee
Organic espresso
Roasted organic wholebean coffee
Organic bland roasted coffee
Organic blend










What makes it organic coffee? In order to display the organic stamp at least 95% of the ingredients used in the coffee must have come from a certified organic source.

Why choose organic coffee?

There are many different reasons to buy organic coffee and the list surprised us! We assumed it was just about the coffee in the bag a driven by taste and product methods enhancing the in cup quality. The organic certification is however a much more general overview of food production methods, taking into account the current energy intensive production methods/food miles down to the packaging used, all this thought goes towards everyone doing their bit to reduce emissions and consider the environment when purchasing day to day consumables. The nice part is the coffee really does taste better than ever… so rather than having to sacrifice taste to do your bit this ethical coffee really is easy to swallow..

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