Hard Water & Coffee machine breakdowns

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When buying or leasing a new espresso machine with an intention the investment will pay you back for years to come it is important to take into account the hardness of water in your area.

The water hardness is basically the Calcium (and other mineral) content of the mains water supply in your area (find out the hardness of the water within the Yorkshire water region by clicking here) the higher the content the greater and quicker the build up of calcium or lime scale inside your espresso machine and water boilers, put simply the hard water does the same to the inside of your espresso machine as it does to the inside of your kettle!

coffee machine water filterThere are a good number of scale protection systems available however it is important to compare the figures quoted by the filter manufacture against the hardness of water in your supply.





For example Brita cartridge volume is quoted as litres of water passed through the filter with at a hardness of 13 English degrees (click here for water hardness definitions on wiki) so the approximate volume of water that can be effectively treat by a system could be halved by if your local supply is twice the English degrees value used on the filtration system quote.

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Our in house breakdown and repair service can help you keep your espresso machine running and lime scale free, contact us to have a chat about your coffee machine service today