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Bianchi Gaia Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Bianchi Gaia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Bianchi Gaia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine offers convenience, preparing a great tasting cup of coffee from freshly ground beans at the touch of a button. These fully automatic coffee machines are extremely versatile and offer accessibility and ease of use together with the guarantee of a great tasting and quality cup of coffee. These automated machines can be installed in most locations including hotels, restaurants, offices, gyms, lounges, car garages, doctors’ surgeries – indeed any other public area where there is a demand for good coffee without the labour-intensive service that typically accompanies a quality cup. The Gaia prepares espresso from freshly ground coffee beans and other hot drinks on the pre-programmed and customisable selection buttons using the two internal product containers (one chocolate, one milk). This enables preparation of 8 different drink selections at the push of a button.

The ease of use and maintenance on these dependable machines keeps the service requirements to a minimum. This enables the staff and proprietors of the business to maximise their focus on customer-facing service, offering you a convenient and great tasting hot drinks menu to be enjoyed by all.

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Technical Specifications:

Bianchi Gaia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Dimensions: Height: 650 mm, Width: 310 mm, Depth 450 mm,
Weight: 22 kg
Electrical supply: 230 Vac – 50 Hz / 120 Vac – 60 Hz
Internal electrical supply: All the electrical components are supplied at 24 Vdc, with the exception of the boiler resistance which is at 230 Vac – 50 Hz.
Power: 1500W espresso version.
Additional boiler: 1000W – 180cc for higher performance (long beverages).
Water supply: Fitting connection = 3/8’’

About the Manufacturer:

Bianchi fully automatic machines are renowned worldwide for their high-quality build and enduring innovations. Formed in 1959, Bianchi has continued to revolutionise their fully automatic and semi-automatic espresso machine range, establishing them firmly as an industry leader with a solid commitment to in cup quality.

Bianchi is a family run business that has stood the test of time and continued to remain at the forefront of pioneering developments, ensuring that the coffee produced by their fully automatic and traditional espresso machines is always consistent and to the highest of standards.