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Brasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee MachineBrasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee MachineBrasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee MachineBrasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee MachineBrasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee MachineBrasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee MachineBrasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee Machine

Brasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee Machine – Take Out Cup

The newest machine from esteemed Italian manufacturer, Brasilia’s catalogue is the Gala. An automatic traditional espresso machine that keeps all of the staple resolubility from Brasilia’s previous models but features some modern upgrades to bring it into line with the latest technology and innovation from Brasilia’s pioneering product development team.

This machine is ideal for an entry-level traditional espresso machine that will furnish establishments such as bars, pubs, coffee shops, hotels and restaurants or any enterprise where there is a need for a top class coffee accompanied with the pleasing aesthetics of this functional and good looking coffee machine.

The Gala boasts some upgrades on its predecessor, the Brasilia Major that keep all of the qualities of the Major model coupled with the latest developments to be found across the Brasilia range. First up is the static pre-infusion that moistens the coffee in the group head, allowing for a pre-infusion to release the aroma and flavour and make the best of a blend before the brew begins. Known as the B16 group head, this technology is also featured in Brasilia’s top of the range machine, the Rito as well as being found across the range of their newest models now as standard. The Gala also shares the same boiler technology as the Rito the ensures, stability, consistency and quality of every extraction.

Like the Major, it is a durable traditional espresso machine that can withstand a high volume service environment and the two group heads allow the users to pour four espressos simultaneously whilst allowing another two operators to use the two steam wands. The machine is also equipped with a hot water tap for tea and other infusion preparation.

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Technical Specifications:

Brasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee Machine
Dimensions: Height 511mm x Width 725mm x Depth 514mm
Weight: 57kg
Boiler: 11 Litre
Boiler Resistance: 3.2KW
Power Supply: 220‐240 V 1N 50/60 Hz – 380‐415 V 3N 50/60 Hz
Steam Wands: 2
Water Faucet: 1
Groups: 2
Extra Features: Tall Cup / Take Out Cup Version Available

About the Manufacturer:

Brasilia espresso coffee machines are a globally-recognised name with a reputation built on innovation. Every machine is manufactured with a strong commitment to the in-cup quality of every coffee served from their range. Brasilia traditional espresso machines boast an attractive style, making an impressive visual impact on the counter of any catering establishment.

Brasilia launched in 1978 and quickly developed a name for superior manufacturing that has stood the test of time, and has now spanned a generation. Since launching the brand, Brasilia has become well known for their forward thinking and contemporary innovations that have helped to keep the foundations of Brasilia firm – creating the perfect espresso, from the strength of tradition.