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Brasilia Major 3 Group
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Brasilia Major 3 Group Coffee Machine

The Brasilia Major 3 Group Coffee Machine is a durable traditional espresso machine that can withstand a high volume service environment. A popular model in the Brasilia range, the 3 group Major comes equipped with three individually programmable coffee groups enabling a barista to easily multi task, an essential for a high-intensity coffee service. This machine allows the users to pour six espressos simultaneously whilst operators are using both steam wands. The Major also features a hot water tap for preparing tea and other infusions.

This machine is pleasing on the eye whilst ensuring reliability and ease of use. Packed into an attractive and durable stainless steel case, the Brasilia Major’s good looks will make an impact as a focal point in any establishment.

Equipped with an eighteen-litre boiler the 3 group guarantees high performance. Each coffee group benefits from a patented mechanical pre-infusion to ensure quality and consistency of every coffee extraction.

Other features include automatic boiler level control, a built-in rotary pump and double range gauge for the monitoring of the boiler level and pump pressure during operation. This machine is also equipped with internal drink audit software that gives accurate figures on service volume using the digital display.

The Brasilia Major 3 group is the perfect commercial coffee machine, made for large restaurants, hotel banqueting, event spaces and other large capacity catering establishments.

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Technical Specifications:

Brasilia Major 3 Group Coffee Machine
Capacity Boiler: 18 LT
Groups: 3 Groups
Water Faucet: 1
Steam Wands: 2
Colour: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: H.590mm W.890mm D.525mm
Electrical Connection: 240vac | 5000w | 25amp (3 phase available upon request)
Supply Pressure: 3 bar max
Weight: TBC

About the Manufacturer:

Brasilia espresso coffee machines are a globally-recognised name with a reputation built on innovation. Every machine is manufactured with a strong commitment to the in-cup quality of every coffee served from their range. Brasilia traditional espresso machines boast an attractive style, making an impressive visual impact on the counter of any catering establishment.

Brasilia launched in 1978 and quickly developed a name for superior manufacturing that has stood the test of time, and has now spanned a generation. Since launching the brand, Brasilia has become well known for their forward thinking and contemporary innovations that have helped to keep the foundations of Brasilia firm – creating the perfect espresso, from the strength of tradition.