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Brasilia Rito 2 Group Coffee Machine
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Brasilia Rito 2 Group Coffee Machine

The Brasilia Rito is a machine at the pinnacle of espresso machine innovation, the new Brasilia Rito 2 Group Coffee Machine. This top-of-the-range machine is superior to the espresso machines of the past. Not only is the look of the Brasilia Rito stunning; with prestigious but also practical aesthetics, it boasts maximum reliability. In addition, brewing solutions can be adapted to each individual blend. The Rito is fully programmable so you can pre-determine dosage and pour the perfect espresso at the touch of a button.

Fitted as standard is the pioneering Bullone Rosso technology, an advanced system that stabilises the temperature, optimises flow rate, enhances blending and calibrates brewing entirely automatically. In short, the Bullone Rosso system provides an unrivalled espresso with a taste that cannot be matched. Brasilia’s latest addition to their range is a must have for establishments keen to be revered for a consistent quality espresso.

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Technical Specifications:

Brasilia Rito 2 Group Coffee Machine
Dimensions:  Width 770mm x Depth 535mm x Height 555mm
Weight: 70 kg
Boiler: 11L
Boiler Stabiliser: Bullone Rosso 0.38 l 1000 W
Power Supply: 400/50/3N and Single phase 220 V/50 H
Steam Wands: 2 lever-operated stainless-steel “cold touch” steam wands.
Water Faucet: 1
Groups: 2
Touchpad: Dosed hot water operated by the LCD touchscreen with temperature preset option.
Extra Features:

  • Work area backlit by white LED.
  • Cup Heater
  • Bluetooth kit for programming and service diagnostics.
  • Ergonomic filter-holding grip, tilted by 10 degrees.

About the Manufacturer:

Brasilia espresso coffee machines are a globally-recognised name with a reputation built on innovation. Every machine is manufactured with a strong commitment to the in-cup quality of every coffee served from their range. Brasilia traditional espresso machines boast an attractive style, making an impressive visual impact on the counter of any catering establishment.

Brasilia launched in 1978 and quickly developed a name for superior manufacturing that has stood the test of time, and has now spanned a generation. Since launching the brand, Brasilia has become well known for their forward thinking and contemporary innovations that have helped to keep the foundations of Brasilia firm – creating the perfect espresso, from the strength of tradition.