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Cafe Bar Ground Coffee
Cafe Bar Filter Coffee Case by Dancing Goat Coffee

Cafe Bar Ground Coffee by Dancing Goat Coffee

Our Cafe Bar ground filter coffee is the most popular of our filter blends. A mid-range roast with a nutty aroma. Although not as smooth as the Ballante filter blend, once brewed Cafe Bar develops a soft taste with developing strength that comes as a result of being crafted from a range of Arabica and a hint of Robusta beans.

Each 60g sachet of Cafe Bar filter coffee is individually foil wrapped to guarantee freshness and comes with 100 filter papers for ease of service.

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What’s Included?

x100, 60g foil wrapped sachets of Cafe Bar Ground Coffee

x100 filter papers

About the Manufacturer:

As a Dancing Goat Coffee house blend, we always ensure a quality in cup flavour from each of the coffee blends we have put our own name to. We understand that what influences in cup quality goes far beyond just a quality bean and roast – after all, it’s very easy to make a bad cup of coffee from a quality bean. This technical know-how lead us to understand what exactly to look for when creating our in-house coffee blends.

By choosing a Dancing Goat blend you can be sure that we attentively love and care for every element that makes the perfect cup of coffee – managing the bean’s journey fresh from the farm to the bottom of your cup. Creating the finest tasting espresso is our passion and you can taste it across the Dancing Goat range.