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Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU10)
Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU10)Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU10)Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU10)

Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU10)

This Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU10) is used to guarantee drink quality and help protect your coffee machine against damage from hard water. Designed with a blended head to further improve the taste and quality of the coffee on offer, the Calcium Treatment Unit removes harmful elements from the water supply whilst retaining some minerals which enhance the hot drinks you offer. The unit’s sole purpose is to give you peace of mind over the quality of the drinks you are serving, so you can be sure you are getting the most from your coffee machine.

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Technical Specifications:

1x Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU10)
10,000 LTR capacity (subject to water hardness)
Height: 485 mm
Diameter: 200 mm
Water connection: inlet/outlet 3/4 male

About the Manufacturer:

Dancing Goat Coffee have partnered with a UK manufacturer to provide Calcium Treatment Units (CTU10) that are made specifically to provide limescale protection when installed on the water supply to your coffee machine. Here at Dancing Goat, we’re fully committed to ensuring our customers provide only the best tasting coffee. As such we constantly innovate and undertake product research, thus delivering the best equipment, tools and services to enhance the quality of our customer’s operations