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Coffee Grinder
Coffee Grinder

Cunill Brasil MC5 Series Coffee Grinder

The Cunill Brasil MC5 Series Coffee Grinder is ideal for light to medium commercial use. The perfect partner for a commercial 2 group coffee machine, this grinder is durable and built to withstand high volume coffee services, with a quality manufacture that is made to last.

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Technical Specifications:

1x Cunill Brasil MC5 Series Coffee Grinder
Dimensions: W210mm X D380mm X H470mm
Hopper Capacity: 1KG
Doser Capacity: 300G
Motor Power: 285W
Electrical supply: 240vac/60hz
Phases: 1 (monophase)
Maximum operating time: 30min.
Tempered steel grinding wheel (62HRc) 60mm diameter
Lifespan of grinding wheels: 500Kg
Weight: 8Kg
Air noise: 77dB

About the Manufacturer:

Cunhill has been producing quality coffee grinding equipment since 1957. The company was founded on the dedication to the manufacture of parts for the Gaggia brand of coffee machines and grinders. By the 70’s, Cunhill had begun to manufacture their own brand of grinders and have since pioneered innovations on grinding equipment that lead to the modern grinders we see today. The company’s founder Pere Cunhill Riera developed the first stainless sheet chassis and was also a pioneer in manufacturing plastic injection parts (hoppers, star pieces, and dosers) and grinders with chrome-plated feet. Since 1983 and until the present day, Cunill is the only national company that manufactures its own blades. These groundbreaking innovations have long established Cunhill as a globally recognised and trusted coffee equipment brand.