When the sun comes out keep selling your coffee

Iced coffee & Frappe have grown in popularity over the last few years driven in no small part by the large high street chains.

Independent outlets sometimes have a reluctance to expand their summertime drink menu to include these drinks and are subsequently missing out on easily pushing sales and making the most of the all too brief summer sun!

The basic equipment and skills required to make these iced coffee and frappe drinks most likely already exist within your company.

What you need:

  1. Spindle mixer or blender.

  2. Tray of ice cubes or ice maker.

  3. Espresso machine.

  4. Ingredients & serving glass (your frappe and iced coffee is usually served in a high ball glass or similar) we stock over 40 different Monin flavoured syrups so how far you take your menu is up to you!

Spindle mixer

iced coffee









As an illustration here are a couple of Iced coffee & Frappe recipes:

Creamy Mocha Frappe


30ml Monin Dark chocolate sauce, Vanilla ice cream, 80ml milk, single espresso, Ice cubes, Garnish with chocolate sprinkles/chocolate shavings.

Method: Pour ingredients into a blender cup. Cover with ice cubes, blend until smooth, pour mix into a high ball glass & serve.


Cold Vanilla latte


20ml Monin Mojito mint syrup, 20ml Monin Vanilla syrup, 30ml milk, single shot of espresso.

Method: Pour ingredients into a blender cup, cover with ice cubes and blend until smooth. Pour into a high ball glass and serve. Garnish with a mint leaf.


Black forest iced latte
15ml  Monin Dark chocolate sauce, 10ml Monin cherry syrup, 1 single espresso, 120ml Milk.
Method: Combine ingredients into a spindle mixer with ice cubes. Mix thoroughly serve glass filled with ice cubes.