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Green Tea
Birchall Green Tea Prism BagGreen Tea

Birchall Green Tea Prism Bags

When brewed, Birchall Green Tea leaves brighten in the prism bag and open, producing a clear yellow colour. The taste is initially smooth yet has complex after notes associated with Mao Feng. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and has lower caffeine levels than black tea, making it long revered for its health benefits.

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What’s Included?

15 tagged prism tea bags containing Mao Feng Green Tea. Birchall Green Tea Prism Bags are designed to release the full flavour of loose-leaf tea. The specially devised biodegradable mesh netting enables the purest infusion and is exclusive to the Birchall range.

About the Manufacturer:

Sourced only from the famed green tea plantations in China, Birchall has expertly procured single origin Green Teas from a traditional Mao Feng that is unique in taste.

Birchall Teas have a superior taste that’s built on a strong tradition. Renowned for their quality and depth of flavour, Birchall’s teas are the only tea to have such a dedicated selection process that continually delivers an unrivalled taste. Founded in 1872, Birchall enjoys a family heritage that spans back through five generations.