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Group Head Cleaning Brush
Group Head Cleaning BrushGroup Head Cleaning BrushGroup Head Cleaning Brush

Group Head Cleaning Brush

Designed specifically to be a handy barista’s tool, this Group Head Cleaning Brush will help to prolong the lifespan of your beloved espresso machine. The brush head is angled and fitted with solid nylon bristles that remove dirt and other stubborn grime quickly, so you can get your machine back to pristine condition in no time.  Regular cleaning will ensure consistent quality espressos from your machine; this is an essential accessory for keeping your group head clean and preventing leaks between the edge of your portafilter and gasket.

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Technical Specifications:

1x Group Head Cleaning Brush

Approx Length: 15cm

Colour: Black Handle

Nylon Bristle Brush Head

How do I use this product?

Stiff bristle brush used for cleaning the machine group head and removing any residual coffee from within the group.