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Monin Almond Syrup
Monin Almond Syrup

Monin Almond Syrup

Monin Almond Syrup perfectly captures the flavour of delicate and slightly sweet almonds. Almond flavours are most commonly found in confectionery baking and in marzipan, a traditional European and Mediterranean candy, so it’s up to you how creative you want to get with this flavour on your drinks menu. Monin Almond Syrup is most famously recognised for its use as an ingredient in making Mai Tai cocktails.

Dancing Goat Coffee also offer a mixed flavoured Monin syrup case deal allowing you to select the widest range for a varied drinks menu whilst helping to keep your stock holding at an optimum level. All Monin syrups are non-alcoholic.


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1x 70cl bottle of Monin Almond Syrup OR case of 6x 70cl bottles of Monin Almond Syrup

About the Manufacturer:

Since 1912 Monin have been producing the finest varieties of flavoured syrups and gourmet sauces. Another family company that we here at Dancing Goat are proud to stock alongside our products, Monin are known worldwide for their quality award winning ingredients. Monin have been creating gourmet flavours for the hotel, restaurant, cafe and bar trade for over 100 years, supplying products suited for making cocktails, flavoured coffee drinks, frappes and that can be even used as a baking ingredient. Now with a range of over 100 flavoured syrups, Monin are unrivalled in their quality and continuing dedication in creating gourmet flavours.