Barista Training in York

Dancing Goat Coffee's barista Kris trains up the team at Sutlers bar....
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Yesterday our trainee coffee technician and veteran barista, Kris Ainsley lead a barista training session in York at Sutlers bar. The team at Sutlers thoroughly enjoyed the training session, partly of course because they got to sample lots of tasty hot drinks made with a quality Dancing Goat blend.

Kris began the training session by ensuring the 5 trainees had the basic drinks mastered before moving onto a speciality menu, such as dessert drinks like tiramisu cappuccino and mint hot chocolate which have already been added to their menu today.

Kris said ‘all of the team were very excited to taste the drinks on offer and loved having the opportunity to learn how to make the latest additions to the bars hot drink menu. They seemed particularly impressed by the thick crema that our Ballante di Capre blend made on the espresso and they all loved the taste of every drink we made. It was very nice to see the team so eager to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed passing on my barista skills to them’

If you are interested in finding out more about our products, sampling them and even booking a barista training session yourself please contact us.

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