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Brasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee Machine Mar 25

Exciting new Brasilia products coming soon….

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We are very pleased to announce that we are awaiting the arrival of yet more coffee machine innovation, coming soon from our friends Brasilia in Italy. Brasilia have been working hard developing a new range of highly functional, user friendly and jaw-droppingly stylish commercial coffee machines boasting the latest developments in traditional and Bean to Cup … Continued

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Dec 10

Traditional Espresso Machines – A Focus Point for Your Business

Placing a traditional espresso machine behind your counter can aesthetically often say much more to your customers than just having your well trained front of house staff serving espresso derived coffee drinks.  It would seem at first glance that investing in a espresso machine and having it placed in full customer view would be enough to sell … Continued

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Dec 08

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – Taking Traditional Espresso Coffee into a New Era

Recent years have seen an increase in the manufacturing quality of Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machines. Combined with a reduction in price as the technology has become more abundant, it has lead to a boom in sales of this convenient and fantastic technology. With the development of Bean to Cup Coffee Machines has come the opportunity … Continued

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Nov 20

Coffee Syrups – Seasonal drinks using Monin Syrups and Sauces

Now the weather has certainly made a turn to autumn and the days are really drawing in it is time to break out the season flavours on your  hot drinks menu. This time of year is perfect for introducing nutty and berry flavours and putting a twist into your hot chocolate offerings, the easiest way … Continued

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May 17

Bean to cup coffee machine support – Gaia

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We have updated the sub domain machine support pages to include a video guide demonstrating how to reset error codes on your fully automatic machine. The support pages are separated into “traditional machines” & “Bean to cup machines”  the link below details how to reset error/alarm codes which may occur when the coffee bean hopper … Continued

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May 10

Bean to cup coffee machine

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A quick video highlighting both the convenience and quality of our entry level Bean to cup coffee machine. If you want to try the coffee for yourself please contact us and you would be welcome to come down and have a coffee.

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