Author: Ian Noble

Mar 14

Cleaning your Espresso Coffee Machine

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Keeping up on regularly cleaning your espresso equipment is essential to maintain the highest in cup quality of your coffee. It also keeps your equipment running smoothly, in turn lowering your service costs. So it’s very important you implement an effective cleaning process that is undertaken on a daily basis. Below we have put together … Continued

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Dec 22

Potential Coffee Market Price Rise

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You may recall back in April here on the Dancing Goat blog we mentioned the drought problems currently effecting coffee plantations in Brazil. – Talking up the price or a real coffee problem Now it seems although rain could finally be on the horizon for Brazil, the increase in coffee price is set to continue to rise … Continued

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Dec 10

Traditional Espresso Machines – A Focus Point for Your Business

Placing a traditional espresso machine behind your counter can aesthetically often say much more to your customers than just having your well trained front of house staff serving espresso derived coffee drinks.  It would seem at first glance that investing in a espresso machine and having it placed in full customer view would be enough to sell … Continued

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Dec 08

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – Taking Traditional Espresso Coffee into a New Era

Recent years have seen an increase in the manufacturing quality of Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machines. Combined with a reduction in price as the technology has become more abundant, it has lead to a boom in sales of this convenient and fantastic technology. With the development of Bean to Cup Coffee Machines has come the opportunity … Continued

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Dec 01 Talk Dancing Goat Coffee

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Recently Dancing Goat HQ heard from the team at, who were keen to speak to us to find out more about our business. Here’s what they had to say about #TeamGoat.

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Nov 27

Gingerbread Latte

Here’s a recipe for one of our favourite flavoured coffees at Dancing Goat HQ, the Gingerbread Latte. Gingerbread Latte Recipe – 20ml (dependant on glass size) – Monin Gingerbread Syrup 170ml – 200ml Milk Dancing Goat Coffee –  Espresso Method – Follow this step by step video – [youtube][/youtube] Check out our wide selection of … Continued

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