Exciting new Brasilia products coming soon….

more exciting innovation from Italy is on its way into Dancing Goat Coffee
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We are very pleased to announce that we are awaiting the arrival of yet more coffee machine innovation, coming soon from our friends Brasilia in Italy. Brasilia have been working hard developing a new range of highly functional, user friendly and jaw-droppingly stylish commercial coffee machines boasting the latest developments in traditional and Bean to Cup espresso machine innovation.


The Brasilia Moda – Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

First up on the list is the awesome Moda. A pioneering bean to cup machine that has been designed with in cup quality, flexibility, convenience and generous functionality in mind – giving any establishment an array of solutions to fit with a specific service environment. Brasilia has labelled this machine as a ‘super automatic’ espresso machine, giving a bean to cup machine more ammo for its arsenal than ever before. Read more about what the Moda has to offer in the Dancing Goat Coffee online store.

Brasilia Moda Super Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Brasilia Gala – Traditional Espresso Machine

The Gala will also be arriving soon and their latest semi-automatic commercial espresso machine most certainly looks the part as the next generation of espresso innovation. The Gala takes all of the quality of its predecessor model the Brasilia Major and improves on its technology by incorporating Brasilias static pre-infusion, B16 group head – enhancing the taste of your coffee even further. Read more about the Gala in our online shop.


Brasilia Gala 2 Group Coffee Machine

When these machines land at Dancing Goat HQ we will be reviewing them in more detail, as we get to try for ourselves these latest innovations and just how much they will make a positive impact on the in cup quality of your favourite Dancing Goat Coffee blends.


Already Available in Store from Brasilia


Brasilia Rito 2 Group Coffee Machine

Brasilia Rito 2 Group Coffee Machine

 Brasilia Major 2 Group Coffee Machine

Brasilia Major 2 group Commercial Coffee Machine