Coffee machine cleaning

Cleaning your Sofia fully auto espresso coffee machine

After a hard day making your customers quality espresso after espresso it is important that you pay some attention to your machine.

Cleaning the espresso machine






Don’t forget your toothbrush (well, any small short bristle brush) This can be used to clean the shower plates and group head area removing any build up of residual ground coffee left behind during the days drink preparation.

  1. Remove the group handles and place the blind filter plate into one group handle. Place one teaspoon full of machine detergent into the group handle with the blind filter and engage the group handle into the machine.
  2. Switch on the group cleaning function by pressing button 1 & Star key simultaneously to begin the pour cycle. (pressing the buttons together will repeat 5 pour cycles)
  3.  Once you have completed the cleaning cycle on all coffee brewing groups thoroughly rinse each group and clean all group handles with a small amount of machine detergent, again rinse afterwards.

Keeping up to a regular cleaning schedule will maintain the quality of your coffee and help to reduce maintenance costs on your espresso machine.