Hazelnut Latte

Here at Dancing Goat HQ we are loving our flavoured coffee drinks at this time of year, so we thought whilst we are on a roll supping these down at our office we’d keep on sharing with you. 🙂

This Hazelnut Latte recipe fits perfectly for this season.. just follow this simple recipe.

Hazelnut Latte

Recipe –

25ml-30ml – Hazelnut Flavoured Monin Syrup

220ml Milk (approx.)

And your Espresso

Method –

Pour the syrup into the bottom of your glass (or cup), then texturise your milk in a separate container ensuring you don’t burn the milk.

Add the milk over the syrup, ensuring to tilt the glass so it runs over the top of the syrup. Ensure you leave enough room on top for your espresso.

Take some of the foam texturised milk and add on top of the milk you have already poured, then add your espresso. This should mix well with the milk.

Lastly – ENJOY!

Video with full guidance is below.

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