Welcome to the New Dancing Goat Coffee Website – Exclusive Brasilia Offer

Website launch introductory offer
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You may have noticed we have given ourselves a well deserved online facelift recently? We hope that you are finding our new website insightful and enjoyable to use? We are still working on some of the elements of the site and the shop catalogue so please bear with us if you can’t find what you are looking for right away – you can always contact us if you need any help.

Our plan is to keep growing our catalogue and to become your primary resource via our blogs for tips on caring for all of the elements of your coffee service. We have even kept our old blog posts on here so you will be able to re-visit some of the past expertise we have offered you to keep your coffee service flowing.

New website launch – exclusive offer on a brand new Brasilia coffee machine:

Brasilia Major Trade in Deal

To celebrate the launch of our new site we decided to re-introduce the lucrative Brasilia Major Trade in Offer we exclusively promoted at the end of 2016. Brasilia is at the forefront of pioneering espresso machine technology with a reputation that spans decades. A market leader in the espresso equipment industry, the Brasilia brand mark, coupled with a Dancing Goat blend is a guarantee of a fine cup of coffee. This offer is a sure fire winner for anyone whose current espresso machines lifetime is coming to an end and is looking for a superior replacement, so if you’re in need of a new espresso machine we hope to hear from you soon.