Introducing the Brasilia Rito commercial espresso machine…

... now available to pre order from Dancing Goat Coffee, online and in store.
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We are delighted to announce that the brand new Brasilia Rito commercial coffee machine is now available to pre-order at the Dancing Goat online store. We are the first store in the UK to stock the Rito, which will be fresh out of the Italian factory into Dancing Goat Coffee HQ in January 2018. We are very proud to be the first stockist of the Rito as this latest offering from reputable espresso machine manufacturers Brasilia is a true marvel of modern technology and thrilling espresso innovation.

Brasilia Rito 2 Group Coffee Machine
Brasilia Rito 2 Group Coffee Machine

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be showcasing in more detail some of the awesome features that truly make the Brasilia Rito stand out from the crowd. But for now, we thought we would summarise some of this ingenuity into a brief post to get your mouths watering for more…

The Brasilia Rito looks set to be a barista’s best friend. With many of the features, a proud and skilled barista expects but without the hefty price tag. We have summarised some of the key elements that the Rito has to offer below:

Customisation and digital remote audit capabilities

  • The Rito boasts a customisable capacitive selection panel with backlit LED’s, that allows you to choose which colours you would prefer to display within a range of preset options. Making your espresso machine a real focal point and also complimenting your establishment’s ambience.
  • Control and manage the espresso machine cleaning cycles and operating times which are logged and available for download at the machine via USB or remotely over the telemetry when installed.
  • Our coffee technicians can access the Rito remotely reducing the need for service call outs and enabling our experts to reset faults and deliver software updates without leaving Dancing Goat Coffee HQ.
Brasilia Rito Touchable Steam Wand Close Up
Touchable Steam Wand

Clean and safe working environment

  • Fully sealed unbroken selection panel which improves cleanliness and further adds to the attractive and functional nature of the Rito.
  • Innovative cold touch steam wands, adding further safety and ease of use for the busy barista.
  • Automatic group head cleaning cycles that can be run simultaneously.
  • An automated anti-vacuum valve operation during the machine warm-up phase. This assures against a negative pressure which could draw milk and other substances into the boiler and contaminate the hot water supply.

Extraction and heat exchanger control

  • The Rito features red bolt technology named by Brasilia as their “Bullone Rosso” feature that preheats water before introduction into the heat exchanger, guaranteeing water temperature stabilisation.
  • Individual adjustment of the group temperature profile. This enables the Rito to create a perfect synergy between the coffee machine and your chosen coffee blend. Be it light single origin or darkly roasted robusta enhanced blend the machine can be matched by our coffee technicians or the barista to the demands of your establishment, or your own personal tastes.

The Brasilia Rito has all the functionality of a fully customisable, high specification, technically accommodating barista machine but without the hefty price tag. The Brasilia Rito 3 group model will also be arriving in stock soon.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to come along to our showroom and trial the Brasilia Rito in person please get in touch with one of our coffee technicians, who would be happy to help. Perhaps you are already sold? You can pre-order the Rito at our online commercial coffee supplies store now.